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The Shield Crossdraw

This is a crossdraw version of our our best-selling holster. Why a crossdraw?

Crossdraw holsters are speciality items. They provide easy access when you are behind the wheel of your car. And for folks who have mobility issues (for example, rotator-cuff damage) they can be the only type of holster that allows a proper draw. But be aware that is almost impossible to draw from a cross draw without sweeping everyone on your support-side front quarter.

This is a highly-engineered, outside-the-waistband holster that pushes the limits of leather construction. Although it is designed for CCW, it is equally at home in IDPA or tactical classes.

It can be removed instantly from the belt without the need to remove the handgun from the holster -- a huge plus for a civilian who carries concealed every day. It can be worn anywhere from 1 o'clock to 4 o'clock on the strong side.

It features:

-- a molded-in sight track.

-- a steel band in the throat for adjustable retention and easy reholstering.

-- a leather guard to keep the hammer and spur from biting into your side.

-- instant mounting and dismounting from the belt using replaceable leather straps.

-- military grade, Pull-The-Dot one-way snaps.

-- a higher ride that pulls the holster tight to your side, and keeps the bottom of the holster from sticking out from under your shirt.

-- an open cut to ensure that you can get a proper, complete grip right from the start.

-- custom molded to fit the specific model of gun like a glove.

-- replaceable leather straps that lock the holster to yout belt with military grade Pull-the-Dot one-way snaps.

The standard cut of this holster is for a 1.5" belt.  If you intend to wear it with a different size belt, please let us know.

Pricing:  $85, in black or natural Hermann Oak cowhide; $85 in chocolate brown cowhide. $95, in natural tan horsehide.