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Double Mag Pouch

This is the classic pancake-style,  double mag pouch, available for either single- or double-stack mags. 

These pouches feature:

-- construction with top-quality leather, either cowhide from hermann Oak, or horsehide from Horween

-- exterior surfaces sealed with acrylic

-- interior surfaces sealed with a beeswax compound

-- a leather guard to keep the magazines from biting into your side.

The double-stack pouches are cut to fit most magazines, like those from SIG, Beretta, etc.  Please advise if you have a Glock or other extra-wide magazine.

Quick-Mounting Double Mag Pouch

This is my favorite design for a mag pouch. It is folded and screwed together, rather than stitched like a pancake design.  It's not quite as concealable as the pancake design, but much more convenient. It snaps on and off your belt via a pair of military-grade, Pull-the-Dot, one-way security snaps.

This design features:

-- screw adjustable magazine tension

-- top quality leathers from Hermann Oak and Horween

-- quick mounting and dismounting

Pricing: $40 in black, russet or natural tan Hermann Oak Cowhide; $50 in natural tan horsehide.


Speedstrip Pouch

This is the slickest solution we've seen for stashing a speedstrip. Just pop the snap and grab the tab.  This pouch hugs the belt like a panda on a branch and mounts and dismounts instantly using military-grade Pull-theDot security snaps.

This pouch features:

- instant mounting and dismounting from the belt using replaceable leather straps.

-- military grade, Pull-the-Dot, one-way snaps.

-- construction from natural tan, russet or black Hermann Oak cowhide.

-- flat-backed, folded design that creates an extremely low-profile.