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Everything you need for concealed carry

Malabar Gunleather and Concealment Systems offers one-stop shoppping for those interested in concealed carry. Our leather holsters are designed for citizens who exercise their Constitutional right to keep and bear arms and take responsibility for the security of themselves and their families.

We can provide you with firearms training, CCW consulting, and world-class gunleather -- at prices the average citizen can afford. Our holsters, belts and slings are made from a variety of top-quality materials:

-- leathers from Herman Oak, Horween and other first-rate tanneries

-- genuine Kydex

-- stainless steel hardware

-- and military-grade Pull-the Dot snaps

Our products are hand made, one at a time in America, from the finest American raw materials. Our holsters have been designed with input from firearms trainers and experts with decades of experience. Our innovative designs maximize concealability and retention. Many of our holsters feature spring-steel bands in their mouths, to ease reholstering and insure a firm grip on the gun without additional straps.  And many of our models can be instantly mounted or unmounted -- n more fumbling to thread or unthread your belt through the holster's slots.

We specialize in civilian CCW

Choosing a holster can be a daunting job. Inside the belt or outside? High ride or low ride? Pancake or wrap-around? There are myriad options and no one seems to correlate them to a user’s needs. The concealed carry needs of civilians are different than those of LEOs. Our holsters are custom-molded to snugly retain the pistol without need for retention straps. Many of our holsters have quick-detachable features that enable the wearer to mount or dismount the holster in moments.

The founder of Malabar Gunleather has 40 years of experience in the shooting world and been a nationally ranked competitor. He's a certified instructor for both the NRA and RWVA, and has taught everything from merit-badge riflery to tactical classes.